Thursday: TMO donations, BeachBows Sunday MVB

Did get an answer from compliance on possible donations to help Manu-Olevao’s family get here from the Big Island. Donations for a specific athlete would be considered an extra benefit. so it’s a no.

Sunday’s BeachBows Horseshoe tournament is on the grass soccer field and not the ‘cocoanut grove’ between Gym 1 and the SSC. The form still says the latter
From 1-6 p.m. registration still open

forgot to mention the other day that I dropped by men’s vb offices. Walker settling in nicely. They’ve decided not to go to Europe during Christmas break.
Team will be at Long Beach for fall tournament.
Wade off to a mandatory MPSF meeting. Physical presence required, no Skype.


  1. setaone October 22, 2015 9:27 am

    Maybe her family can setup a crowd funding website? Speaking of that type of websites, what ever happened to Cia Goods? One of my all time favorites, battling for her life.

  2. darkfire October 22, 2015 12:42 pm

    Prayers and good health to the wahine. They’ve pulled out all the stops to compete at the highest level possible. I hope they all recover quickly.

  3. greenthumb October 22, 2015 12:57 pm

    The family on the Big Island may want to look at whether there are compliance issues with accepting mileage donations to one of them, not to their athlete. If they are able to pool the miles they already have and gather some more, that could help with the transportation expenses because the receiving account can book travel for more than just the person whose account it is.

  4. sharene October 22, 2015 1:04 pm

    If a family friend or family member reads here. If they could maybe post a name or bank that we can make donations to that would be good also.

  5. Bleachercoach October 22, 2015 3:37 pm

    How many of TMO’s ohana need to come over from the Bif Island? Somehow I miss the earlier post regarding that…Wish everything will work out

  6. doug October 22, 2015 3:53 pm

    Hope Kalei is ready to go.

  7. islandman October 22, 2015 3:56 pm

    5. On the tv post game show, she said about 50. And they could be rowdy, per her.

  8. Cindy Luis October 22, 2015 6:33 pm

    The way I read the compliance thing her name cannot be used to raise money. so don’t know if things like GoFundMe would be allowed under NCAA guidelines.
    I will see if I can get more clarification on the NCAA bylaw but for the moment I’d suggest holding off. Last thing wanted would be to have her declared ineligible after the fact which would lead to vacating victories and other sanctions.
    I know, I know, it doesn’t seem fair but that’s just how it is. .

  9. blunite October 22, 2015 6:34 pm

    After several losses Russ Rose has followed UH’s recipe to right the ship. In previous losses Penn State’s (PS) block and aces were average. Both stats were higher in Penn State’s comeback over Michigan. Moreover, Aiyana Whitney (PS Opposite) became the kill leader for left dominated PS. Welcome Russ, to the “Opposite” vanguard in WVB.

  10. Cindy Luis October 22, 2015 6:54 pm

    new thread up about Thursday’s practice.

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