Hawaii men’s basketball: Brocke Stepteau pursuing music career in NYC

Former UH point guard Brocke Stepteau has put his basketball dream on pause for a year while pursuing a music career in New York. / File photo by Stephen Tsai

Former Hawaii guard Brocke Stepteau has put his basketball dreams on pause, just for a little bit, while he pursues a music career in New York City.

A few months after the release of his album Ascension Stepteau is spending time in the Big Apple as an independent hip-hop artist.

In a text to the Warrior Beat, Stepteau wrote: “Working in a studio. I’m an independent artist … which means I’m not signed to a label, so that money I make from my songs/albums, I don’t have to give any percentage to anybody else.”

But he still left open the option of returning to the court.

“I’m also staying in shape and working out — training regularly in case I decide that to want to play basketball again next year,” Stepteau texted. “But I am definitely taking this upcoming year off from playing to focus on work and taking my music to the next level as I try to make that a successful profession for me in the near future.”

As we’ve learned in recent years, “Late Clock” Brocke has embraced challenges.


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