Sunday musings: Aloha, time, Leahey

Bobby Curran and John Veneri attended George Gusman's session on NCAA rules. / Photo by Stephen Tsai

With about 40 first-year Warriors, it sometimes is about just establishing a routine. And that was the most significant takeaway from Saturday’s scrimmage at Aloha Stadium.

The Warriors simulated the game-day routine, from meetings to the pre-event meal, to the bus ride to the stadium, to how to exit the locker room. The little things matter.

Of note:

> The quarterbacks had their moments. Chevan Cordeiro opened in a rhythm, speed-reading the coverages and making quick (and correct) decisions. He completed eight of his first 10 passes. Cole McDonald came through in the “overtime” session, leading two scoring drives. And Jeremy Moussa continues to show his arm strength with deep throws from an almost effortless motion.

> Nick Rolovich praised Dakota Torres‘ situational awareness for catching a pass and refusing to be forced out of bounds. Instead, he went down, keeping the clock rolling as the offense tried to hold on to a lead in the four-minute drill.

> On the final play of the scrimmage, Cordeiro appeared to be touched by rush end Kaimana Padello as he launched a pass to Torres for a touchdown. It was an eye-of-the-beholder play in which both sides could claim victory. The offense insisted it was a touchdown. The defense claimed it was a sack. It didn’t matter. It turned out to be a win-win situation.

* * * * *

Every year referee George Gusman invites the media to a session on NCAA rules changes for football. The session caters to the in-writing people (notebooks are distributed with the new rules) and visual folks (videos are shown to illustrate the changes).

And what’s class without data. We learned:

Average time for FBS games:
> 2016: 3:24
> 2017: 3:18
> Mountain West average: 3:24
> Shortest: CUSA — 3:08
> Longest: Big 12 — 3:28

Average fouls per game:
> Mountain West: 13.1
> Lowest: Independents 11.1
> Highest: American Athletic 17.0

* * * * *

The career of Hawaii’s sports preeminent narrator — Jim Leahey — will be celebrated in a retirement party today. His honesty, humor, Thesaurus-deep phrases, and intelligent descriptions will be missed.

Best wishes, Uncle Kimo.

And thanks.


  1. Boolakanaka August 12, 2018 10:24 am


  2. H-Man August 12, 2018 10:39 am

    The QB competition is good for the team…..up to a point. I would be comfortable if one starts to move to the forefront.

  3. turfwar August 12, 2018 12:15 pm

    Mahalo Jim for all you did to make UH sports the most exciting game in town for so many years. For a sports fan you made the quality of my life that much better. Simply said you were the best.

  4. Warrior Dave August 12, 2018 12:28 pm

    I’m happy that the offense is starting to move the ball and score.

  5. Mel August 12, 2018 12:56 pm

    How can I express my appreciation for being the first?

    Boo translation

  6. WarriorNY August 12, 2018 2:17 pm

    This year should be entertaining. I have no idea what to expect other than the offense should be fun. Who’s attending the Army game?

    Who knows, if Tiger Woods can return to his 2007 form maybe the Warriors can as well….

    On a side note, it is just crazy to hear NY college game day radio yesterday talking about Tua and Milton…. It was a lil surreal.

    Hope everyone is well.

  7. seewhy August 12, 2018 2:57 pm

    Mahalo, Jim! 🤙🏼

  8. cappie the dog August 12, 2018 4:07 pm


    Translation: I hope the run and shoot works.

  9. winning August 12, 2018 4:52 pm

    If UH cant score with the R n S Ala! big trouble. A lot is hinging on the ‘O” line and play calling. Better not be like last year otherwise attendance might be less than SJST !! So surprise us coach!!

  10. Warrior Dave August 12, 2018 5:20 pm

    If I remember correctly, Oline needs to block for only a fraction of the time it would be in a conventional Pro set or RPO. It’s up to the QB to read the receivers and coverage quickly and get rid of the ball. Of course the Receivers have to make the correct coverage reads. I loved how proficient Colt got in his last 2 years. Talk about the offensive players being on the same page.

  11. Inyoface August 12, 2018 5:48 pm

    Not sure why there were so many standup tackles last year, maybe that’s the way they were taught. I want to see some real tackles this year!

  12. Inyoface August 12, 2018 5:50 pm

    Watching some games from last year on the Stadium app. Learn a lot about the team even though this years team will be different.

  13. Inyoface August 12, 2018 5:53 pm

    Lot of dropped passes at the UNLV game. I feel for Dru. Hopefully this years receivers are more surehanded .

  14. Stephen Tsai August 12, 2018 8:01 pm

    Beauty of run and shoot is if somebody’ drops a pass, another will be thrown the next play

  15. Shelley Okubo August 12, 2018 8:52 pm

    Thank you Jim for your many years of making UH sports so much fun. Your enthusiasm, your professionalism, your expertise in sports…you are one of a kind and you will be missed. Enjoy your retirement and see you at the ballpark.

  16. Da Punchbowl Kid August 12, 2018 9:41 pm

    Aloha Pops! You are simply the best!

  17. suckkabooya August 13, 2018 12:51 am

    Just curious…….Does Manning have knee problems or are those leg braces just preventative? I think Vanterpool had some problems with leg injuries (last season) as well, that might be what’s holding up his progress. Just wondering if anyone knows.

  18. Maddog50 August 13, 2018 5:41 am

    #17-I have no knowledge of the health of Ilm, but it is common practice for OL to wear braces both for practice and sometimes in games-just part of the equipment to avoid knee injury. Some teams require the OL to be braced up at all practices and games.

  19. Maddog50 August 13, 2018 5:49 am

    So in less than two weeks the Warriors open the season. In my opinion the greatest opponent they face will be themselves. Inexperience new offense new defense etc will cause or create issues. How they rebound both during and after games will hold the key to the season. I am sure a lot of factors came into play with moving a conference game with CSU to week Zero, but one of the factors has to be that CSU has less returning players than we do. It will be interesting and even though a home game I expect it to be a hard fought contest and maybe the fact that the “Civil” war between Colorado and CSU takes place the following week, I hope it diverts just a little bit of attention or focus for the home team.

  20. Stephen Tsai August 13, 2018 6:21 am

    New post:

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