Donors provide a lift

Meeting a need to feed, 11 Na Koa board members and UH alumni are donating their own money to pay for post-practice snacks for the Warriors this spring training.

It costs between $750 and $800 to provide snacks after each practice. Ten donors paid up to $800 apiece; one donor paid about $1,500 for two snack sessions. Those donations cover the 11 practices following UH’s spring break. Na Koa will pay for snacks following the April 28 spring game.

UH also provides supplementary meals (what used to be known as training table) for the players each day there is an on-field practice during spring training.

In total, the players are fed twice a day — snacks in the morning, meal in the evening — on each day there is a spring practice.


  1. Manoa Mist April 11, 2018 10:28 am

    First in your hearts?

  2. burro sabio April 11, 2018 10:28 am

    Ekahi, Ichi, Uno, One, Foist

    Endowment donations are needed as game-changers.

  3. A-House April 11, 2018 10:46 am

    yes, there are many ways to support the athletic department be it football or softball or volleyball or golf or track & field or swimming/diving, etc.

    many thanks to all that contribute/donate to UH athletics.

  4. islandman April 11, 2018 12:31 pm

    Nick mentioned I think Sharsh, Kamaka, Armstrong – Brown and Byrd as doing well as receivers, on Bobby’s show..

  5. A-House April 11, 2018 12:48 pm

    wonder what kind of “snacks” are provided after each practice?

    recall a St Louis transfer to McKinley back in the mid-late 90’s who related that players got a small bag of chips and a paper carton of juice — he was most happy at McKinley because they received 2 whopper sandwiches and 2 cans of juice after each game.

  6. burro sabio April 11, 2018 2:51 pm

    Well Mr. Tsai? What is your plan for dealing with drugged out delusional posts and posters?

  7. Warrior Dave April 11, 2018 3:16 pm

    #9 Burro,

    I agree with you. Some people just take up space.

  8. tom-warriornation April 11, 2018 4:09 pm

    Speaking of donors:

    Can you help me reach my goal by chipping in $25 online with the last below link?

    Got this email from Rolo:
    Received your email from my mom. Can’t tell you how thankful we are for what you have done throughout the years. I would like to pledge $500 to the account. Please put a $50 in the name of all the assistant coaches, I will let them know. Appreciate it.

    Best Wishes and Aloha,
    Nick Rolovich
    Head Football Coach
    University of Hawaii

    Can you help me reach my goal by making a $25 donation to the UH Foundation Fund I created for UH Football recruiting–see below link.
    If 2000 fans do this, we will raise $50,000. So far, I got 620 donors ($15,500), so only 1380 more donors to go–each donor spot represents $25.

    After donating, text me your name to 415-324-0585 or email your receipt to: so I can add it below (if you don’t mind):

    1. Tom Kitaguchi, CA
    2. Joel Gushikuma, VA
    3. Michelle Houlihan (mom of Ben Scruton #36), Australia
    4. Timothy Ho, CA
    5. Jeffrey Domdoma, HI
    6. Toni & Chris Martines, HI
    7. D. Ng
    8. Tom Mui, HI
    9. Glenn Okada, HI
    10. J Sakai
    11. W Stallworth
    12. Daniel Ng, CA
    13. Dean Shimabukuro, CA
    14. Dave Mutter, IL
    15. Aaron Avilla, HI
    16. Tammy Hadden (mom of former K Tyler Hadden), CA
    17. E Hananoki
    18. Scott Isara, CA
    19. C Kobashigawa
    20. J Nanya, CA
    21. Daniel Ng, CA
    22. Glenn Okada, HI
    23. Mike Perry (brother of Fred Ulu-Perry’s grandpa), NV
    24. D Rutt, HI
    25. E Scott, ID
    26. Keith Sherman, PA
    27. E Stallworth
    28. H Takahashi
    29. E Stalwart
    30. Rick Santana, HI
    31. Glen Iwamoto
    32. Graham McConnell, NY
    33. C Kuniyuki, HI
    34. Gerald Ushijima, HI
    35. Barbara Heiking, HI
    36. Curtis Sano, VA
    37. M Yuen, HI
    38. Al Kimura, HI
    39. Dave Mutter
    40. Andrew Uffman, CA
    41. Wayne Miyasato
    42. Garret Okamoto, CA
    43. Neal Morisato, HI
    44. Stevie Kiyosaki, HI
    45. Carey Adachi, CA
    46. Brian Koji, CA
    47-50. Harold Imai $100
    51. Jeff Duva, first QB for Dick Tomey 1977-78, CA
    52. David Kam
    53. J Aniya
    54-57. William & Ramona Stutzmann $100
    58. Greg Cummins, first punter for Dick Tomey 1977-78, CA
    59. Wayne Coito, HI
    60-64. Tom Kitaguchi $125
    65-66. Timothy Ho $50, CA
    67-70. Daniel Ng $100
    71-74. Dave Mutter $100, former OL in 1970’s & biggest supporter of former players
    75-76. Rick Santana $50
    77-80. Gil Horita, HI
    81-96. anonymous
    97-98. Chad Sanborn $50, HI
    99-102. Tom Kitaguchi $100
    103-104. Herb Ho $50, HI
    105. Gary Tokumori, CA
    106-107. Leburta Kanno $50, HI
    108-109. Milton Gibo $50, CA
    110. Tyler Siu
    111. Ipu Man
    112. Lesley Torres, HI
    113-114. Ross Shiraki $50, UHM ’80, CA
    115-119. Tom Kitaguchi $125
    120-121. Scott Simon
    122. Roger Simon
    123. Jarin Simon
    124-127. Gerald Ushijima $100
    128. Eric Saruwatari
    129. John Amaki, CA
    130-134. Glen Morisato $100, CA
    135-136. Harold & Denise Imai, HI, Warrior fans for life!
    137. Lee & Tricia Afusia, parents of Kody Afusia (former OL), CA
    138. Gregg Isara, CA
    139. Grant Tanimoto, HI
    140. Roger Ikeda, CA
    141. David Oride, HI
    142-151. Rick Nakashima $250, HI
    152-191. $1000 from Water Controls Inc. of Maui, who challenges other companies to do the same!
    192. Desmond Ogata, HI
    193. Carol E. Ogata, HI
    194. Gwen Martin, HI
    195-204. Pat Rogers $250
    205-208. Rich Yamane $100
    209-210. Rick Ikemoto $50
    211. Garret Yamanaka, HI
    212-237. Tom Kitaguchi $650
    237-240. Ed Tamura $100, HI
    241. W Figueira, HI
    242. Shilene Matautia (mom of our star LB Solomon #27), HI
    243-244. C. Y., WA
    245. Ed McIntosh, HI
    246. Bob Medeiros
    247-250. Tom Kitaguchi
    251. Kelly Toguchi, HI
    252-254. Joey Gushikuma $100, VA
    255. Fuchsia Yamashiro (UNLV tailgate head) $25 ongoing monthly, NV
    256-275. Carey Adachi $500, CA
    276-279. Mike Higa $100
    280. G. Miyashiro, HI
    281. Jason Shimizu, HI
    282. Ken Araki, CA
    283-284. Carl Nagami
    285. Stephen Miller, AZ
    286-289. Allen Kamemoto $100, HI
    290. Matt & Ioke Wong, HI
    291-292. Tim Chang, CA
    293. Brian Perry (Fred Ulu-Perry’s grandpa), HI
    294-295. Keone Chin, HI
    296. Lance McGee, WA
    297. Eddie Kim, CA
    298-302. Lori Rolovich (yes, Rolo’s mom), CA
    303. Matt Mitchell, HI
    304. Clyde Matsusaka, HI

    305-306. Curtis & Carol Kobashigawa, NV, Warrior fans for life!
    307-310. Ronald Malandra, Maui, Long Bch St alum.
    311. Darren Aoki, HI
    312-313. anonymous
    314-317. Wanda Kitaguchi, HI
    318-321. Bob Kawai, H
    322. Rob Morita, HI
    323-324. Glenn & Sharon Yokoyama, HI
    325. Clyde Rodrigues, Maui
    326. Annie DeWeese, HI
    327. Laulauhead
    328-525. Previous Warrior Nation Fund donors
    526-527. Dave & Linda Olney, CA
    528. Mirio Whitley, HI
    529-532. anonymous, CA
    533. Fuchsia Yamashiro, NV (ongoing monthly donation)
    534. Tom Kitaguchi, HI (ongoing monthly donation)
    535. The Punchbowl Kid
    536. James Watari, HI
    537. Daryl Williams, CA (former UH LB)
    538. Randy Tobita, Lahaina, HI
    539. Wayne Coito, HI
    540. Louise Ferreira, HI
    541. Yvette Paz, HI
    542. Pauline Iwamoto, HI
    543. Noreen Myman, CA
    544. Stephen & Karen Maddox, NV
    545-548. Lance & Eileen Ohara, CA
    549-550. Mark Banker, UH football asst. coach
    551-552. Corey Batoon, UH football asst. coach
    553-554. Mark Weber, UH football asst. coach
    555-556. Ricky Logo, UH football asst. coach
    557-558. Andre Allen, UH football asst. coach
    559-560. Brian Smith, UH football asst. coach
    561-562. Craig Stutzman, UH football asst. coach
    563-564. Mayur Chaudhari, UH football asst. coach
    565-566. Abe Eliminian, UH football asst. coach
    567-568. Jacob Yoro, UH football asst. coach
    569. Howard Hanzawa, Maui
    570. Tony Tony, CA
    571. Richard Yuen, CA
    572-575. What’s Up, TX
    576. Tony N, CA
    577. Richard Yuen, CA
    578-579. Placido Valenciano, HI

    580-584. Anonymous, CA
    585. Pride Rock, HI
    586-589. Alex & Doreen Dold, HI, of travel agency:
    590-593. Ronald Malandra, Maui
    594-597. Tom Mui, HI
    598-601. Stanley Yamagata, HI
    602-603. Dave Langille & Sherry Allison, Maui
    604. Tim Watanabe, HI
    605-607. anonymous
    608-609. Brian Yamasaki, “In memory of Earl Ushijima”.
    610. Kyle Oura, CA
    611-614. Earl Mente, HI.
    615. Glen Iwamoto, HI
    616-619. John Mitsunaga, in honor of Sylvia Mitsunaga
    620. Lester Magoon, HI
    Mahalo, and pls share this with all of your fellow fans.
    Tom Kitaguchi, founder of Hawaii Football Warrior Nation Facebook group (over 3050 members)

  9. Stephen Tsai April 11, 2018 4:48 pm

    Burro Sabio:
    Magic is going to happen in 3, 2, 1 …

  10. Stephen Tsai April 11, 2018 4:50 pm

    Thank you, thank you

  11. Maddog50 April 11, 2018 5:08 pm


  12. clyde April 11, 2018 5:14 pm

    Nice, Stephen ….

    You can do magic
    You can have anything that you desire
    Magic, and you know
    You’re the one who can put out the fire

  13. Warrior Dave April 11, 2018 6:27 pm

    Thank you ST!!

  14. Akamai Okole April 11, 2018 7:48 pm


    Another pretty good month at work…done!

    Mahalo for your efforts!

    Live Aloha. Play Warrior!

  15. burro sabio April 11, 2018 9:01 pm

    The magical fingers of Mr. Tsai…

  16. Da Punchbowl Kid April 11, 2018 9:19 pm

    Mahalo Boosters!

  17. Da Punchbowl Kid April 11, 2018 9:23 pm

    Mahalo Magic Fingers Tsai!

  18. Kahuna April 11, 2018 10:19 pm

    Any snack is appreciated but I doubt the boosters serve unhealthy stuff like potato chips or cookies to the players. My guess is they have stuff like sandwiches or maybe granola bars or something like that.
    Very kind and generous of these people to do that. I hope Rolo and the team thank each and every one of them for their generosity.

  19. jm2375 April 11, 2018 10:38 pm

    Thank you, ST! (say hi to Magic for Screecher and me 😀 )
    Thanks to the boosters! That’s a lot of food. (and I thought feeding 20 volleyball players was a lot of fuud.

    I am not a robot, or maybe I am.

  20. cappie the dog April 12, 2018 6:41 am

    The RPIs of Hawaii’s Big West opponents blow my mind.

    It’s like looking at their men’s basketball counterparts.

    204, 190, 187. (UC-Riverside, Cal-Poly, UC-Santa Barbara)

    113, 126. (Cal State-Northride, Long Beach State)

    74. (Cal State-Fullerton)

    Hawaii should have swept Loyola Marymount.

    Late-inning errors.

    Hawaii should be 20-9.

  21. cappie the dog April 12, 2018 6:52 am

    The Titans next four games are a three-game series against San Diego State and a mid-week tilt against San Diego before they face Hawaii on their home field.

    The two San Diegos are nearly identical.

    If Fullerton takes three out of four, the Titans should be facing the ‘Bows with a RPI around 50-55.

    It’s a moot point, I guess.

    But you still hold out hope that Hawaii can get an at-large bid if they end the season with an RPI around 40-45.

    To at least be on the bubble.

    But if you’re facing a team with a RPI of 204, one loss will send Hawaii reeling into oblivion.

    Every game is a must-win.

    If Cade Smith goes wayward(he is a freshman, after all), does Coach Trapasso insert an inconsistent power pitcher(Pouelsen) or an inconsistent finesse pitcher(DiMiero) as the Sunday game starter?

  22. cappie the dog April 12, 2018 6:57 am

    Tom Waits’ first seven albums(his Asylum years) are reissued.

    So far I bought “Closing Time” and “The Heart of Saturday Night”.

    Great stuff.

  23. Stephen Tsai April 12, 2018 11:28 am

    New post:

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