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Warriors arrive

By Stephen Tsai on August 23, 2017

The Warriors arrived in New York this morning, where they visited the National September 11 Memorial. Coach Nick Rolovich brought a lei in memory of a friend, according to a UH official. The Warriors then stopped for pizza — yes, this is the city that never sleeps nor stops eating — on the walk back to the buses. They are expected to arrive in Springfield, Mass., this afternoon, check into the hotel, and then have a walk-through session.

From class to UMass

By Stephen Tsai on August 22, 2017

The Warriors were scheduled to practice this morning for the final time in Manoa in advance of Saturday’s season opener against UMAass. After breakfast and attending morning classes, they are scheduled to depart this afternoon with a 70-player travel roster. At 5,006 miles, this is the longest domestic trip for the Warriors in the football program’s history. It was 5,071 miles to Sydney for last year’s international game. According to UH: > UMass, 2017 — 5,006 miles > Army, 2010 — 4,955 > Rutgers, 1975 — 4,945 > Navy, 2013 — 4,856 > Florida, 2008 — 4,669 The biggest swing was last year, when the Warriors opened at Sydney, Australia, returned to Honolulu, and then traveled to Ann Arbor, Mich. […]

Warriors add 3 to roster

By Stephen Tsai on August 21, 2017

It’s the first day of school, which means the roster may expand. Here are the additions: > Te Rauparaha “Ra” Elkington, a 2017 Kahuku High graduate, is a 6-5, 315-pound offensive lineman. > Azia Seei is a defensive lineman who played the past season at William Penn University. He is a graduate of West High in Utah. > Jason-Matthew Sharsh, a wideout, is a Moanalua High graduate who played the past two seasons at Santa Barbara City College.

From A(mmon) to Z

By Stephen Tsai on August 20, 2017

They were hailed as Generation Next — tall receivers with multi-sport backgrounds. They were supposed to be the counter punch to the age of taller cornerbacks. That 2013 recruiting class featured 6-5 Keith Kirkwood, 6-4 Marcus Kemp, 6-4 Ammon Barker and 6-2 Vasquez Haynes. Five seasons later, Barker acknowledges his last-man-standing status. Kirkwood had 12 catches in 2013, but four went for touchdowns and he averaged 20.8 yards per reception. He transferred to Temple the following summer. Kirkwood started 10 games in 2016 and made the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll. One downside is Temple lists him at 6-3. Haynes endured an injury-filled tenure at UH, beginning when he was hurt the first week he arrived in Honolulu. He finished his […]

Tuulima is impressive in the middle

By Stephen Tsai on August 19, 2017

The Warriors are set for their final Saturday practice ahead of next week’s opener at UMass. The practice will begin at 1:30 p.m., which equates to nearly halftime next week. This also will be a chance to decide on the final spots on the 68-player travel roster. One of the surprises of camp is Taaga Tuulima, who has practiced as the No. 2 center. He is a second-year freshman from Iolani who has displayed quickness in identifying defenses and firing out of his stance. With all the cross training — Asotui Eli, Fred Ulu-Perry, John Wa‘a and Chris Posa can play center — Tuulima might not necessarily be the “next man up.” But he has proven the past two weeks […]

Double tight ends

By Stephen Tsai on August 18, 2017

It’s only two days into the experiment but quarterback Karson Greeley is making an impression as a tight end on the scout team. If that’s a familiar sight, it’s because his twin brother, Kade Greeley, has made some spectacular catches as a backup tight end with the top-tier players. For now Karson Greeley still has his quarterback-membership card. Nick Rolovich said he will leave it to Karson to decide his position. But Rolovich, always the innovator, envisions a scenario when the Greeley brothers would align as double tight ends while wearing nearly similar jersey numbers. The Warriors already are confusing observers at practice with kickers Alex Trifonovitch and Ryan Meskell both wearing No. 46.

Fine spirits at football event

By Stephen Tsai on August 17, 2017

Earlier this year, head coach Nick Rolovich and George Szigeti, president and CEO of the Hawaii Tourism Authority, were at the Legislature making their cases for more funding for their organizations. “Six months later, we’re bidding against each other to raise money for the football program,” Rolovich said of Wednesday’s Pigskin Pigout. At stake was Caymus Cabernet, one of the most revered red wines from the Napa vineyard. “It was a good battle,” Rolovich said. Szigeti ended up with the winning bid. “It shows the unity of this state when it comes to UH athletics and especially UH football,” Rolovich said. Afterward, Szigeti invited Rolovich to his house for a glass of the Caymus wine. Rolovich did not come away […]

Split squads

By Stephen Tsai on August 16, 2017

Today was D-Day — division day — for the Warriors. For the 16th pre-season practice, the Warriors divided into top units and scouts. In simulating UMass’ schemes, the scouts also wore the jersey numbers of the Minutemen they will portray. The Warriors also practiced in the white helmets they will use for the UMass game. It was a test run to ensure the helmet’s fit. The Warriors are expected to break out the new green helmets for the home opener against Western Carolina.